The openDCIM Foundation, Inc is a not-for profit corporation formed to manage the project and cover any expenses related to hosting and publicizing openDCIM. If you find openDCIM to be useful, please consider a donation, of any amount. Thank you.

Announcement List

There is an announcement-only mailing list that you can sign up for so that when new releases are out, you can be the first to know. Sign up at this link.


The Discussions section has been enabled on GitHub as of 30 May 2023. The old GNU Mailman Mailing List is no longer being used for that purpose, so please go to GitHub Discussions for questions on openDCIM. Do not open an Incident for a question - that is for tracking actual code issues.


A poorly maintained WIKI is available at this link. Volunteers are needed to try to keep the documentation up to date.


If you need help right away and want to try IRC you can find us on Libera in #opendcim. We are most likely idling so leave a message and wait for an answer or /msg one of the operators directly.

Email Developers

Please do not email the developers directly unless they have requested that you do so. Utilize the mailing list and/or IRC. If you need to inquire about a paid support contract, please contact, directly.