The openDCIM Foundation, Inc is a not-for profit corporation formed to manage the project and cover any expenses related to hosting and publicizing openDCIM. If you find openDCIM to be useful, please consider a donation, of any amount. Thank you.

Users of openDCIM

Have you started using openDCIM for production in your environment? If so, we would love to know. Please drop a note to Scott Milliken to let him know, and whether or not we can list your name/company on the website. Even if we can't name you publicly, it would be good to know how many sites are using the software.

Public users of openDCIM:

  • Adam Data Centers (Madrid, Spain)
  • AT&T R&D Center (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • DirecTV Latin America (Buenos Aires and Bogota)
  • Israel Institute of Technology (Haifa, Israel)
  • Miniclip (London, UK)
  • National Human Genome Research Institute (MD, USA)
  • NASA Langley Air Traffic Control Research Facility
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory (TN, USA)
  • Red Hat (Asia/Pacific Region)
  • Tractor Supply Company (TN, USA)
  • University of Hawaii (HI, USA)
  • University of Missouri (MO, USA)
  • Vanderbilt University (TN, USA)