Current Key Features

The following features are available in the present version:

  • Image mapping with custom image for creating clickable zones for each cabinet
  • Overlay layers on map for Power, Space, Temperature, and Weight capacity
  • Mapping of power connections from device -> power strip -> panel -> source feed
  • Mapping of network connections to any device classified as a switch
  • Chassis device support
  • Graphical Cabinet Viewer (user must supply graphic images)
  • Multiple levels of user rights
  • Basic workflow system for generating rack requests
  • Reporting on Hosting Costs by department based on a cost per U and cost per Watt formula
  • Reporting on Fault Tolerance status for devices, and impact simulation of a panel or source feed outage
  • Support for automatic transfer switches

In-Development Features

  • RESTful API
  • More Canned Reports

Most Recent Changelog

Changes in 3.2 (see distribution for complete history)

  • Ability to track spare/consumable parts supplies
  • Full audit log of every transaction
  • Per-device auditing
  • Storage Room view per Data Center
  • Auto-Transfer Switches will poll SNMP for redundancy status
  • XML Export for Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis software
  • Per-device running operational log of notes
  • Allow for customized port names
  • Allow templates for devices to pre-define ports and names
  • Ability to upload images for devices (similar to designing cabinet elevations in Visio)
  • Added Primary IP as a searchable field
  • Complete redesign of the menu - functions grouped together
  • When looking at a port connected to a patch panel, full path to endpoint is displayed automatically
  • Ability to specify front edge of a cabinet to indicate airflow
  • Ability to manually enter values for power strip load
  • Ability to make patch panels a chassis device
  • Ability to delete Containers, Zones, Rows, Data Centers, Power Panels, and Power Sources
  • Many bug fixes