Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to set up user authentication to use openDCIM? I'm going to be the only person using it.

It's not that hard to set up, and if you're the only user today, that doesn't mean you'll be the only one in the future. If you are using any DCIM package well, then at some point others will want to at least log in and view the data. Trying to retrofit access control later would be a nightmare. Suck it up and create at least a bare minimum authentication setup.

Where do I go to get help with openDCIM?

See that red bar up top? Click on the link for participation and read that page. There is also a YouTube channel called openDCIM that you can search for to see several videos on how to perform tasks in openDCIM.

I can't get my apache configuration to work. Can you help me?

Think of that question as going to your doctor to ask him why your toaster keeps burning your Pop Tarts. It's possible that your doctor would be able to figure that out, but it's not his or her primary focus. Instead, your doctor is likely to remind you that Pop Tarts are essentially junk food and that you should stay away from them completely, and by the way it's time for some blood work and a stress test and... The Apache community has exponentially more resources available to help you out with your configuration issues, so rather than distract our much smaller userbase with trying to be nice and resolve your configuration problems, please use your Google-Fu and see what help you can get in the apache support areas.

Help! I upgraded from version 3.x to 4.x (or later) and now my cabinets are blank!

Your Apache rewrite rules are not correct. We implemented an API with version 4.x and use that API for our own pages. That means if your rewrite rules are wrong, the cabnavigator.php screen can't get the data that it needs to populate a cabinet. Look over the example, read the Apache documentation, and figure out where you've got an error. The stock .htaccess file that comes with openDCIM works in a basic setup, so something unique to your environment is causing the problem.

Why are my pictures not taking up the full space allocated?

If you are a Type A personality that wants your images to align absolutely perfectly without distorting them, you'll need to save them at the correct ratio. A standard cabinet mount is 19" wide and 1 rack unit is 1.75" tall. So, for a 1U device, your image should have a ratio that is an even multiple of 76:7 (multiplied both sides by 4 to get a whole number on both sides). Obviously an image that's only 76 pixels wide by 7 pixels tall will have very little detail, so shoot for something more along the lines of 304 pixels wide by 28 pixels tall (per U).

Is it possible to get a support contract?

Yes. We have worked with several companies in the past to provide remote support, training, custom development and even on-site workshops. Contracts are typically based upon hourly rates and vary depending on what you want.

Why can't I add more DeviceType values?

The DeviceTypes values will change the behavior of the user interface, therefore the list needs to remain static or it will break functionality. We recommend that you use tags to designate more specific categories of devices.